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One thing we’ve discovered over the years in business is that like attracts like. We are like you. Our team loves helping clients and seeing them do well.
James Harrison

James Harrison

Director – Tax and advisory

– Family and friends are everything to me

– People say I have the ability to make the complex simple

– Experience is a good school but the fees are high

– I find it hard to go to cold places for a holiday. 

– I try to jump in the water every day

– I get joy out of seeing people do well

– If I’m going OK, everyone’s going OK

– Giving back is important

Eddie Harrison

Eddie Harrison

Director – Finance and Mortgage Broker

– The most important time is family time

– I started my career as an accountant. Then I saw the light

– I love what I do, I’m in the business of hopes and dreams.

– I’m always on the phone 

– Success is in the detail 

– Champions do extra

– You win or you learn 

– Train, swim then coffee is the best way to start the day

Edward Harrison is a Credit representative 478189 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237

Jamie Eccles

Finance & Mortgage Broker

– Friends and family are a big part of my life.

– On my weekends I enjoy spending time with my wife, daughter, and dog Bear.

– I love sports and being active, I support the Broncos and enjoy playing golf.

– I enjoy some country music, Luke Combs, and Kane Brown.

– I am always trying to better myself. Teamwork makes the dream work.

– I love helping people and there is no better feeling than having a happy customer.

Jamie Eccles is a Credit representative 532942 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)

Alex Pinchin

Alex Pinchin


– I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals

– Leaders are those who empower others with their knowledge

– Win the morning, win the day

– Coffee connoisseur, sneaker collector, kung-fu movie enthusiast, football fanatic

– Meticulous yet easy going

– Strive for greatness

Kimberley Veness

Kimberley Veness

Senior Accountant

– I listen to a lot of podcasts

– Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day

– I really enjoy doing crafts, the end result is never any good

– Music is always playing at my house

– I’m a wannabe minimalist

Jodi Cowham

Jodi Cowham

Senior Accountant

– My Family are my world.

– Laughter is the best medicine

– Morning is for coffee, afternoon is for wine

– Belly laughs with close friends - perfect match

– Rural landscape set on the water – dream location

– Music I’m listening to represents my mood - I have an eclectic taste in music

– Live for and in the moment – still trying to learn that one

– Thriller, Comedy, Sci Fi, Drama, Horror – in that order

Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron

Senior Accountant

– I have an eye for things

– I surround myself with similar looking people

– I invest very little time into my artistic flair

– I continually avoid travelling via submarine

– I love inspirational pictures

Kayla Melville

Kayla Melville

Senior Credit Manager

– The sun is my bestie.. we wake up together.

– I understand life is happening right now. I choose to embrace it.

– I’m not arguing or stubborn.. I’m simply explaining why I am right.

– Hangriness is real.

– Walks on the beach, morning workouts and good coffee.

– A little part of me still believes in Santa.

– Getting old scares me.

– Throughout my life, my mum has been the person that I’ve always looked up to.

– Mother of 1 very energetic fur baby.

– I am highly driven and motivated to succeed.

– Our customers, and seeing them happy, motivates me to step up every day.

Bree Elliott​

Bree Elliott​

Client Service Officer​

– I am a morning person.

– I am a homebody and creature of habit.

– I am happiest when I am in the ocean and in the sunshine.

– If I don’t exercise in the morning, it really shows. The best and only way to start the day!

– I have a very big love for people. My family is everything to me.

– We have two beautiful border collies that bring so much happiness into our lives.

– I am also a crazy plant mum, much to my partner’s demise.

– I am partial to a large glass (or bottle) of pinot noir on a Sunday afternoon. 

Ebonnie Crompton​ - Client Service Officer​ - Harrison & Harrison Financial Group

Ebonnie Crompton​

Client Service Officer​

– I am the baby of 5 and am always known as someone’s little sister.

– My nieces and nephews give me so much joy.

– Relaxing times are a must, as are a few too many drinks here and there.

– I am super competitive, not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

– On the weekends, you will catch me either playing some local footy or walking along the beach with my dog.

Lanell Scott

Lanell Scott

Administration Assistant

– My family & friends are everything – they’re loud, fun and wholesome.

– My soul thrives on good food, good music & a good laugh.

– Gratitude is the key to happiness.

– Eat the dang cake. Life is too short.

Lauren Thompson - Harrison & Harriso

Lauren Thompson

Client Service Officer

– Lucky Mumma to 3 beautiful but sassy girls.

– Wife to one very patient husband.

– My family is everything to me and I still speak to my mum every day on the phone.

– I despise the wind and am petrified of birds.

– I love a good true crime podcast.

– My day always starts with coffee.

– I always laugh at the most inappropriate times.

– I love the thought of weekly pilates but have never actually attended a class.

Sol Icasate

Credit Analyst

– Coffee is my religion.

– ‘Strive for progression and not perfection’ is my favourite quote.

– Spending time outdoors with my husband is my happy place.

– Travel & Photography are my biggest hobbies.

– I was born in Argentina, and I love soccer & BBQs.

Amanda Smith

PA to James Harrison

– Halloween is my favourite time of year.

– True Crime podcasts are my jam.

– When I am crafting I am in my happy place.

– A day without laughter is a day wasted.

– The only thing more precious than our time is who we choose to spend it on.

Renee Harkness

Credit Analyst

– Life is too short. Book that holiday.

– I am a 0 or 10 drink kind of gal.

– Zero chill. No naps allowed in my household.

– 1 x Almond Milk Latte please

– Positive vibes only

– I am a part of the naughty corner in the office. Always up for a good laugh

Charlie Murray - Harrison & Harrison

Charlie Murray

Client Service Officer

– Family and mates are a huge part of my life. Super grateful for them.

– Being the best I can be, purpose in what you do and who you are is everything.

– Rugby League isn’t a game, it is a way of life for me!

– I’m a big eater – love my food.

– I enjoy all the simple things in life.

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