Introducing Harrison & Harrison

Harrison & Harrison Meeting

It is with great pleasure that Eddie and I introduce to you our new business, Harrison & Harrison (H&H).

The process of refining our service offering along with designing the H&H brand has been time-consuming, interesting, and also very rewarding. I thought I’d send you a brief outline of the process, which hopefully articulates why we do what we do, and what we do.

Firstly, we sat down with some branding and marketing consultants and explained what was happening. Basically, we had decided to part ways amicably from our business at the time, that essentially we were going to be providing the same services, but with a few small tweaks.

They asked us what we do. We told them we looked after people’s financial affairs.

They asked us what was important to us and why that was important to us. We told them we love our family and friends, and in our work lives, we love seeing our clients and friends do well.

They asked us what “brands” we admire and why. We told them we aim to make the complex simple, and want our brand to reflect this.

We told them we preferred not to have our surname’s in the business name. They didn’t listen!

A few weeks later they called us up for a meeting. We went and saw them not knowing what to expect. I’ve tried to summarise what they said to us.

They said to us;

  • You do tax, business and personal advice, home loans and car loans, and lots of things in between
  • You are a people-based business that listens to clients
  • You are a business and ultimately a group of people based on strong principles and values

Eddie and I were fairly blown away. They had articulated back to us what we had been trying to say for years. Below is a summary of why we do what we do, what we do, and how we do it.

Why we do it

We believe we can enable clients to achieve their goals and dreams. There is no greater reward in knowing we’ve made that happen.

What we do

We provide financial services across a number of areas. Tax, business & personal advice and lending, is at the core of what we do.
For many, finance can be confronting, complex, and create stress. We demystify it and provide comfort that we take care of their financial affairs.

Put simply, we allow our clients freedom from the fears and headaches associated with all things financial.

How we do it

Whilst we apply our knowledge and skills to achieve goals, ultimately we make our approach effective by ensuring we genuinely connect with our clients.
This genuine connection is based on the ability to listen and plot a clear pathway that leads to favourable outcomes for our clients.

Anyone who is part of our team needs to have a genuine like for people. We like our clients and our clients like us. Good clear communication is the bedrock of any sound happy relationship. Ultimately, we work on making the complex simple.

When you have all of this, anything is possible.

In summary, Harrison & Harrison is

  • A source of knowledge and expertise
  • Straight talking, clear and concise
  • Patient
  • An educator
  • Easy to be with (and disarming)
  • A good friend

is a term for matters regarding the management and creation of money and investments.
Clear is easy to understand, perceive or interpret.

Finance, made clear

We thank you for supporting us in the past and into the future, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

From the team at Harrison & Harrison.

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