Finance, made clear.

We enable our clients to achieve their goals and dreams – both financial and personal.
There is no greater reward than knowing we’ve made that happen.

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What we do

We provide financial advice for clients across a number of different financial areas. Our clients are both businesses and individuals.

For many, finance and business can be confronting, complex and create stress. We demystify it and provide comfort that we take care of the finances and business while they focus on their work – and enjoying life.

Put simply, we allow our clients freedom from fears and headaches associated with business and finance.


How we do it

Whilst we apply knowledge and experience to assist clients, ultimately we make our approach effective by ensuring we genuinely connect with our clients. The genuine connection is based on the following:
  • Able to translate the complex
  • Able to plot a clear pathway
  • Able to educate our clients and leave them comfortable in the knowledge of the advice and solutions we give them.

To be part of the team, you have to like people. We like our clients and our clients like us.

Good clear communication is the bedrock of any sound and happy relationship. And when you have this, anything is possible

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Harrison & Harrison is

A source of knowledge & expertise

Straight talking, clear and concise


An educator

Easy to be with

A good friend


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